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    • 急~英文短文翻譯~the black death

      ...finally relized that the problem was more than just a few sick sailors﹔death itself had come on the ships.這個鎮上的人終於瞭解到, 問題不只是幾個生病的水手而已; 死神...

    • 幫我找一些重點(20點但我要英文)

      第一段 How was the Black Death transmitted? The three... now had a new host. The flea soon starved to death. ※敗血性與淋巴腫性瘟疫病菌進入...

    • how to cure the bubonic

      The bubonic plaque, also known as the Black Death, whiped out nearly one third of the search the term at, you can find more than you need...