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    the authorities concerned

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    • 英文問題.幫我解析這句好嗎?

      The authorities (which is concerned) are to be responsible for it.   ↑ˍˍˍ...

    • 高中英文,兩題的答案?

      1. the authorities concerned = 有關當局=the proper authorities...authority concern這種說法。 Next step, you need to apply to the authorities concerned for license. 2. numerous是形容詞,與「複數...

    • 請問這個英文句子的文法

      It is time the authorities concerned過去分詞當形容詞 took proper ... were you, I would drive more carefully in the rain. 4. 講過去不存在的狀況: 用過去完成式+過去完成式...