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  1. to the bitter end

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    • 1. 拼到底 fight, struggle, etc. to the bitter end 戰鬥/鬥爭...到底
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    • ph.


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    • Laura Jansen的The end歌詞英翻中

      ... it out 也曾有一段甜蜜 Until the bitter end 迎來的卻是苦澀的終點 And I suppose... caught off guard 你的所作所為 In the end, there is 不斷加深我心中那道傷口 nothing left...

    • ~請求英文高手入內~

      Bitter end ● To the limit of one's efforts - to the last extremity. 一個人... but not least, .... Six of one, half dozen of the other ● It's all the same. 沒差,差不多(六個一...

    • 金牛座的介紹~~英文 (急) nature, the Taurus will stand his/her ground to the bitter end (sometimes even irrationally so). But that’s okay because the Taurus...