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    • 20點:英翻中幫我翻譯文章,老闆要的,謝謝。

      The Milky Way Galaxy 銀河星系 The Milky Way large that it would take 200 million years for the galaxy to make one complete turn. 銀河星系在太空, 總是緩緩...

    • the earth moves relative...

      首先,我覺得兩個relative都應該該成relatively 如果你不了解“of which it is a member”可以把句子還原成 the sun moves relatively to the galaxy of stars. the sun is a member of the galaxy of stars.

    • 請解釋warp speed

      ...warp travel. If the Enterprise-D traveled too fast, the Galaxy would become a very very small place, and have limited plot potential for the ...