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    • 英文單字問題~~ think deeply

      deliberation n. (名詞 noun) 深思熟慮;研究[U] After long deliberation, he decided not to go. 他再三考慮後決定不去了。 deliberate a. (形容詞 adjective) 深思熟慮的,慎重的,謹慎的 His manner was quiet, his speech deliberate. 他舉止文靜,說話審慎。

    • 請問這些英文單字的用法差別在哪裡?

      ...這麼去用它然後讓語意才會出來。它們是可以交換使用。 deep thinking = think deeply 深入思考 如果有差別的話是deeply是在比喻強烈的感覺 I feel deeply sorry...

    • 翻譯 請幫我翻譯成英文 我的小王子的心得~~極需

      ...lot of meaning guide people probe into , question that think deeply about, as if world of adult have some dull idea only, can in...the response of the little prince makes the author think that he understands the person who authors...