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    • 請用這些片語幫我造句

      ...我把大衣上的釦子扣上了。 3.throw away (丟掉. 丟棄) I threw away the old, ragged clothes. 我把破爛的舊衣服丟了。 4.throw out (投出) The pitcher threw out the ball to the batter. 投手將球丟向...

    • 英文片語配對問題

      ... coat, your sth. put away (收拾) ===> the newpapers, the groceries, your coat take out (拿出來) ===> your towels... coat, your laptop, etc. throw out (丟掉) ===> the garbage, the newspaper...

    • 麻煩各位精通英文的大大進來看看

      ...名詞) 3. figure out 想出辦法、理解、 I cannot figure him out. 我猜不透他 4.throw away 丟掉 If you don not like it, just throw it away. 如果你不喜歡,就把它...