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    • The Evil confronted the ...??

      ... like this... The Evil confronted the Count and threw him from his horse, pinning him to the ground. With slow deliberation, the Evil gouged out one of the ...

    • 煩請'達人指導英文"政策與對策"

      ... M. RJ. And M. Beetle, please never throw your five-body to the ground, or it'll break 'cause it's made of jade. Pardon ...

    • 英翻中 課文翻譯the acrobats of death

      譯文:   在1941年發生一起異於平常的謀殺案。在11月13號的晚上,Ugo Pavesi 在美國加州的家中被殺。這起謀殺案有三個目擊者。他們都說有一名巨人將 Pavesi先生從陽台上舉起來並且把他摔到地上,那個巨人在進行這件事的同時是站在地上的。這也就意謂著這...