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    • 麻煩中英文都超好的翻譯高手翻以下兩句名言:

      ‘Mirros should reflect a little before throwing back images’ 會思考如何反映 (應), 才是好鏡子 俗鏡徒照映, 明鏡有心思...

    • 翻譯(英翻中)

      Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you 今天將會是他們回歸你 (懷抱)ㄉ一天 By now you shoulda somehow...

    • The Deerslayer

      ...each cheek, while he cast all his energy into the effort of his arm, and threw back the weapon at his assailant. The unexpectedness of this blow contributed...