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    in a tight spot

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    • tighe的英文意思是什麼?

      ...嚴格的 麻煩的,棘手的,尷尬的 Losing my wallet put me in a tight spot. 我的錢包丟了,弄得我很尷尬。 (比賽等)勢均力敵的 We had a...

    • 什麼是Scene Kids ?

      ...quite common. -Fake moles have been spotted. -Tries to pull of Vintage look -.... Eye shadow, black usually pink or purple. -Tight pants, extremely tight band shirt. Sometimes...

    • 如何形容杜鵑花??

      ... white. Deep rose-pink with orange spotting. Red/rosy hue, hardy and compact, glossy leaves... red flowers are held in tight dome-shaped trusses. Foliage...