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    • 「就某種程度上而言」請問英文~

      在某種程度上 to a certain extent; to some extent to a certain degree; to some degree了. 就某種程度上而言 in a certain extent in a certain degree speaking to the extent of xxxx speaking to the...

    • 可以幫我翻一段英文嗎??20點

      ...really. English is only studied to a certain extent, will never practise brokenly repeatedly while using and keeping in touch afterwards, the degree will be strengthened day by day. The...

    • 急4~關於複合運輸方面的英文翻中文,拜託大家惹~~~

      ...方面。港階層的組織結構被containerization 修改了, 並且幾個奧克蘭擔當小口岸這口岸a 著名被上升了對港等第頂面名單當其它大, 通常常規口岸譬如舊金山declined...