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  1. to-be

    • KK[tʊˋbi]
    • DJ[tuˋbi:]


    • adj.
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    • ph.


    • ph.
      期望; 認為必須, 認為應該; 認為...必要 Am I supposed to clean all the rooms or just this one? 我是應該打掃所有的房間, 還是只這一間? You are supposed to pay the bill by Friday. 你最晚在星期五結清這筆帳。
    • ph.
      偏袒 Teachers tend to be partial to students with good scores. 老師往往容易偏袒成績優良的學生。 She's very partial to sweet foods. 她特別喜歡吃甜食。
    • ph.
      (用以表示某人打算做某事)打算, 計劃 We are going to spend our holidays in Wales this year. 今年我們打算到威爾士度假。 We are going to buy a house when we've saved enough money. 我們打算攢夠錢買所房子。
    • ph.
      優於...; 職務或地位比...高 This book is superior in style to the other. 這本書的文筆優於那一本。 This carpet is far superior to that one. 這塊地毯比那塊好得多。
    • ph.
      對...不關心 The explorers were indifferent to the dangers and discomforts of the expedition. 探險家對於探險時的危險和艱苦不放在心上。 How can anyone be indifferent to the suffering! 沒有人能對身體或心靈上的痛苦麻木不仁。
    • ph.
      ...比...較年幼 You are junior to him. 你比他年輕。
    • ph.
      有關連; (有)親戚(關係) This letter is related to the sale of the house. 這封信與賣房子有關。 I am not related to him in any way. 我和他無任何關係。
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    • adj.
      將來的 husband/wife to-be 未來的丈夫/妻子 the new President to-be 即將上任的新總統