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    to one's taste

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    • 請問英文介詞TO的用法

      ...符合 according to 根據 made to order 定做的 to the life (片語) to one's taste 合乎自己的口味. 16. 跟著,配合 ( ( 伴隨 ) ) 《例句》 dance to the music 隨音樂...

    • A- Z 開頭的片語

      ... saving has amounted to $500. 我的存款已達到500元。 apart from 除了...will pass the exam. 湯姆十之八九會通過考試。 to one's taste 合味口 Japanese food is not to ...

    • 中翻英~煮普洱茶的順序

      ..., keep the stove on and put into the pot the tea solids with thickness to one's favorite taste. 3. Keep boiling for additional 5-10 minutes, and your...