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  1. get too big for one's boots

    • ph.
      【口】自大; 自負
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    • ph.
      【口】自大; 自負
    • ph.


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    • 可以給我A~Z的成語跟諺語嗎?

      ...自討苦吃 ride for a fall 爛醉如泥 see pink elephants 目中無人 too big for one's boots 進退維谷 up a gun-tree 隨心所欲 wind someone round one's finger...

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      ...事實上, 產品多樣化以及大家那種"我也要"主義, 就造成了某些布茲商店 (Boots 是英國最大的藥粧連鎖店) 擁有高達75種不同的牙刷以及240種洗髮精的存貨...

    • 英文中翻英 很急!明天就要了

      ...039;s department use RO water, reason have not indication, too not have check again personnel identification, fear ens ...have eyewinker fall into. 13 department's bilge holes big, suit to addition install thin sieve net, as completely annihilation...