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  1. toothbrush

    • KK[ˋtuθ͵brʌʃ]
    • DJ[ˋtu:θbrʌʃ]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:toothbrushes

    • 相關詞
    • toothbrush的名詞複數

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    • 牙刷
    • 牙刷

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  2. 知識+

    • 為什麼toothbrush不用teethbrush急 20點

      因為 toothbrush 是 adjective adjunct ,裡面的 tooth 是作為修飾名詞 (brush) 的形容詞來使用: Brush 名詞 Tooth 形容詞 What kind of brush? Toothbrush 因為形容詞不可複數化,所以是 toothbrush 而不是 teethbrush.

    • some和some of的用法

      Some of the hotels may not have toothbrushes. 這句的hotels有of the 表示是限定某一個範圍的hotel Some ...

    • 段落式的翻譯(一中一英,遇到句點停之),註:要符合文法

      Should use the toothbrush of small heads of fur while brushing teeth, there is...regard two teeth as unit , about movement back and forth, brush in the 8-10 nearly, toothbrush is rotate 6-8 toward tooth by gums, should should it brush teeth...