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  1. tow-colored

    • IPA[tōˈkələrd]
    • adj.
      (of hair) very light blond.
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
      (of hair) very light blonde.

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 急!!!修改一首英文詩(以翻譯)

      ... a train name to be called the wild horse to tow three plate carriages to walk in on the ferns...hellip;Tranquil sea…The initial spring flesh color and the white flower covers the plum willow to glitter...

    • 拜託英文高手幫忙我的作品中翻英的簡介

      ...the home away from home feeling. Symbiosis, tow or two above individuals, because some benefit co-existence... sense of depth. Looks like leaf's color to alternate along with the four seasons changes...

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      因為英日文都有, 我只能從英文翻譯來找日文的意思, 還有你日文的部分跟我看到的版本不太一樣 我盡量靠自己聽力了 如果有誤,請指教喔: 我在想你知不知道 他們在東京是怎樣過 如果你來看我,代表你是認真的 那你就知道你一定要上 又快又狠 又快又狠 歡迎,讓你久等了 完全繁華...