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  1. treat something lightly

    • ph.
      regard something as unimportant
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    • 誰能幫我翻譯這幾篇英文文章???

      ...someone to death without the chance for redemption is wrong. Death should not be treated lightly as no-one knows what lies ahead after we die. Those that think...

    • 下面幾句英文翻譯可以幫我看看嗎?

      第一題 : 對 第二題 : Whenever the typhoon encroaches upon, the strong breeze pouring rain always accompanies with and causes much loss. 第三題 : Many trees are blewed down, everywhere all inundation 第四題 : 對 第五題...

    • 這罐商品的翻譯與用途

      Lightly massage on areas you wish to treat once or twice daily. The soft texture penetrates quickly and leaves...