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    • (急)請將英文錯誤處~幫忙訂正~謝謝!!

      1) As you read this, try to feel your heartbeat. Put your pointer and middle... will sense a littel push each time your heart beats. Count the beats for 15 seconds (2...

    • 什麼叫teacher after teacher???

      ...意思。 例句: When teacher after teacher, grade after grade, and level after level try to beat the first person out of us, we're no longer sure how to write...

    • Take me to your heart 英翻中 謝謝

      ... from the rain and snow 藏身于雨雪之中 trying to forget but i won't let go 努力忘记,但...熙熙攘攘的街道 listening to my own heart beat 卻只能聽見自己的心跳 so many people 這麼多的...