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    • 這六個句子的意思有一樣嗎?

      ... kitten nuzzled its mother, trying to get attention. 這隻小貓用鼻子蹭著牠的媽媽, 意圖...用鼻子蹭著牠的媽媽. The kitten, which tried to get attention, nuzzled its mother. 這隻...

    • 請幫我看別人改的句子們

      原句一: I will still try to get used to the new one.(表示再試試看) will加上 the new one.(強調繼續做) I will keep trying to get used to the new one.(比較簡潔的說法強調...

    • Indirect speech直接引語與間接引語的問題12

      01. “Don’t strain yourself. Try to get more rest,” the doctor advised him. ... to be polite to everyone I met, and to try to be helpful always. (假定說話對象是「我」) 05...