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    • 請幫我改錯喔,二分半鐘的演講, thanks.

      ... life. Firstly, try to get along with happy people, It's...who are happy and always look on the bright side.    (be around people..圍在那些... are not only good for your health but also good...

    • 英翻中 越口語越好 15點

      ...自己的相紙 1.would you enjoy having a computer friend to talk to instead of a real friend? why or why not? => what not...can go out with your human friends to have a good time , and you can talk to your electronic friend when you...

    • 請問誰知道這兩首英文歌的中文意思?

      ...enough for you無論我做什麼也不能夠滿足你I'm trying to be我嘗試去做Everything that you need所有...一切以後All I've become is never good enough for you我已經成為永不滿足你For what...