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    • 請英文達人改改我的英文自傳~感恩

      ...always looking on the bright side of things...easygoing, but I do get very serious and cautious.... I like to be thought of as someone who can be trusted... I try not to put things...

    • 詢求英文簡短對話

      ... you please show me how to get to the central bus station? Someone: Yeah, it's not far from cross over, you'll see a river, on your right hand side there're three bridges. ...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯此歌詞

      起初我很害怕,不知所措 一直在想,沒有你在身邊,我一定活不下去 但是後來,我花了很多個夜晚 思考你是如何辜負了我 我變得堅強 學會了獨立 然而,你從外頭回到了這裡 我走進來,發現了滿臉愁容的你 我早該換個門鎖 我早該叫你把鑰匙留下來 如果我早知道你會回來騷擾我的...