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    • 英式英文求順暢翻譯?

      nip不是開溜,這字的指"用口咬住"/"被夾住"="捉住" 我發現他想躲藏起來,正當他要潛逃時我把他捉個正著。

    • 急! 馬可先生中翻英

      ...evaluation as well as the scene audience friends tried to eat the voting, Mark Mr...the classical bread, the connotation is rich, each nips, may eat the natural small red raspberry, the apricot peach...

    • {急}幫我翻譯英文話劇劇本

      ...have not sold today to the frequency fruit, must try not to be able to sell, my father can hit to eat Aside:By now, when 白雪公主 nipped time first, suddenly cried White...