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  1. turn sth. over in one's mind

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    • 1. 謹慎考慮 I turned the problem over and over in my mind. 我在心裡反覆仔細地考慮了這個問題。



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    • against&turn over 的用法?

      ... unit. (2) they turn the operation over to another business unit. 2. turned it over in one's mind 也就是說 "改變主意" 例子: (1) The desicion is...

    • 急~全家當我家 的新聞報導 中翻英

      ... the kitchen of one*s own family each time, take and walk, seized and turn over in the public security bureau at last. But he is still said to police...

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      ...3 even thoughthe light was turned on , it was drak in the room. 4 Jane ...don't make up your mind quickly , the opportunity will be...good for health, one should not over do it. 15 Pam is...