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    • On account of the third...翻譯

      On account of the third kid turned out to be the most shameful of all。 on account of+object:由於...丟臉的一個. 2012-08-16 00:38:48 補充: Thanks to Mater RJ's interpretation!!! it make a...

    • 喜愛的英文名言

      ...那麼多了 Provided we draw useful lessons from them, we may turn difficulties to good account. 如果我們能從中吸取有用的教訓,困難也可變好事 Time and tide wait for...

    • 英文段落翻譯20P

      Japan Inc. Turns to Banks After Quake 地震後,日本企業...銀行系統(*2)中。 It said its current-account balance—the amount of funds financial institutions...