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  1. turned

    • turn的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      使轉動,使旋轉 He turned his head and saw a figure approaching in the darkness. 他轉過頭,看見在黑暗中有個人影走過來。
    • vi.
      轉動,旋轉 The wheel turns when its axis moves. 輪軸動時,輪子也跟著轉動。
    • n.[C]
      轉動,旋轉 At each turn the screw goes in further. 每一次旋轉都使螺絲釘更向裡進。
    • n.
    • turn的名詞複數
    • vi.
      轉動; 以某事物為中心; 依賴某事物 the handle was rusted and wouldn't turn 把手生鏽了,轉不動 to turn and face sb. 轉過身面對某人
    • vt.
      轉動 to turn a knob/handle/switch/key to the right 把旋鈕/拉手/開關/鑰匙向右轉 to turn sth. through 90°/180° 把某物轉90度/180度
    • n.
      轉動 to give a screw/handle a couple of turns 把螺絲/把手擰幾下 a complicated series of leaps and turns 一系列複雜的跳躍和轉體
    • n.
      轉彎處 to take a wrong turning 拐錯路 a turning off the main street 大街的岔路口
    • 轉動,旋轉


    • 旋轉,回轉,轉向



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  2. 知識+

    • turn的片語(turn up....)

      1.turn one's mind /thoughts/attention to sth...注意力.)灌注在某事物上例 :Please turn your attention to something more important...'s still waiting for good luck to turn up.       (他仍在期待好運出現) 

    • excitement turning

      ... a waste of my time and "excitement turning" in every week. Ellie, 請確定句子有沒有... a waste of my time and (a matter of) excitement turning into disappointment every week. 2014-05-06 13:36:24 補充...

    • turn-about和about-turn有何分別?

      Turn about 和 about turn 都是解作一百ハ十度調轉頭,不過也有不同的地方: Turn about 和 turn around 一樣,可以解原地調轉頭,或向前作一個圓圈式的調頭...