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  1. be up to standard

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    • 1. 達到標準 Their work is not up to standard. 他們的工作成績不夠標準。



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    • live up, live up to, 有什麼差別嗎?

      ...單字: live ==> live up to sth 動詞片語 = if something or someone lives up to a standard, reputation, or promise, they do as well as they were expected to, do what...

    • 速度未達標準英文翻譯是?

      ... in the rear end. 2009-09-13 14:42:58 補充: The speed can not up to standard 此句中沒有動詞,要改成 The speed is not up to standard 句子才...

    • 請教 Up on please 的意思?

      請更新...(某些資料或格式或軟體之類的...) up on: being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge 上面直接翻譯-->提升某些...