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    the upper chamber

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    • 英文說明書的翻譯 the suction connection. Therefore the oil that accumulates in the upper chamber is sucked through the valve and the oil line to the suction connection...

    • 幾段英文..請大家幫忙翻譯一下>

      ... a hole that occurs between the left and right atria, or upper chambers. In both cases, oxygen-rich blood from the left side seeps into...

    • 有誰能幫我翻一下這段,謝謝(20點)

      葡萄乾是第1 被混合入純汁濃湯在緩衝包含140 毫米NaCl 和5 毫米KCl (以0.5 g 葡萄乾的集中每15 機器語言緩衝), 對酸鹼度2 被調整以0.1 M HCl, 和被孵化在37 .C 為1 h 在蛋白酵素面前模仿peptic 消化。收效的蛋白酵素文摘對酸鹼度7 被調整以0.1 M...