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    • 英文技巧詮釋的整段翻譯

      ...次成功的上台報告,請至少學會以下的技巧 1. First impression 第一印象 a.walk easily not heavily 輕鬆自然的走上台但不要很沉重地走 b.with a firm not shaky steps 踩...

    • 過去進行式 搞混我啦!!!

      ... bought this book yesterday. Mary walked to school this morning. 過去進行式用以表示過去某時...進行式,是否了解。 1.It was raining heavily when I drove to Tainan. 當我...

    • 有點長的英文翻中文

      There are many people walking on the street: students, children, ... green uniform and a black skirt and steps forward heavily. You can say that she must be a student of ...