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    be wanting in

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    • 我要找”In the future”的短篇文章~二十點

      What is the carrer I want in the future Although it is difficulty to...and help the poor. Nobody know what will happen in the future, but one thing I 'm convinced...

    • 這兩句話的意思?What I want in life is

      What I want in life is up to me 我的人生怎麼過 由我自己決定 There...up to me 我的人生怎麼過 由我自己決定 There is no one in my way. 沒有人可以阻止我 2008-03-21 19:09:36 補充: Life...

    • want to chat in english

      Hey, dude, you might want to have a talk with me, and I'm glad to help cuz I'm from Taiwan. Here is my email address: