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    • 急求英文好手,幫忙文章中文翻英文謝謝~贈5點

      Summer the warm wind, warms up our heart, the flame which in the night 一閃一閃, indistinctly according to leaves each other apple ruddy cheeks, a crowd has laughs heartily the black magic...

    • 幫我修改英文文法 跟內容

      ... in the colour wheel. However, they are not similar to each other. Purple is derived from the mixing of a warm and cool colour, so it has both warm and cool properties...

    • than和副詞的文法問題

      ...use colors to let you see how two sentences correspond to each other) Hot air accompanied by high relative humidity an adverb depends upon which word, clause, or sentence you want to use it to describe.