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    • We're all in this together敘述什麼

      We're all in this together 我們歡聚一堂 The lyrics of the song are...we are in here together the dream will come true, which is what all about. We know who we are during the life. Whether which avenue we are...

    • 歌曲英文 英文翻譯

      Well, tonight we're gonna party till the party don't stop. And the..., Friday night, dance, dance, dance, cause tonight we're going out and we ain't coming back...

    • <翻譯>together we're heavy

      ...專輯名稱 這張專輯結合了多數人的心血結晶 所以Together we&#39;re heavy 也許可以說 我們在一起所以我們變得有份量 The album...a continuation from sections 1-10...picking up where we left off. Enjoy.