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    • turn out的文法

      ...不好,結果天氣還是好的。 (當及物動詞:) 3. 生產、製造出 The school turned out many well-known basketball players. 這個學校出了很多有名的籃球運動員。 4...

    • 字數不太夠 能幫我加一些字進去麼 3Q < 20點>

      ... supposed to be a fine school day. I could not feel any better. However, it turned out nothing went well that day. First, I missed the school bus...

    • 請問這句英文的意思❤ never held on 我們盡力嘗試去關上那道光 we tried our best turn out(這邊你好像打錯)the light.