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  1. know what one likes

    • ph.
      have fixed or definite tastes, without necessarily having the knowledge or informed opinion to support them
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    • What kind of weather do you li ? 你喜歡什麼樣的天氣? A: I like sunny day. I guess no one like rainy day, right? 我喜歡晴天. PS. What is your favourite season? 你最喜歡什麼季節? A...

    • What kind of book do you like?

      kind 為單數時 (a/one kind of;what kind of),後面的名詞不管可數不可數都要用單數名詞(即不加冠詞,也不加字尾...

    • 請寫一篇英文作文

      What I intend to do in the future:First, I would like to find a good job, and make some money.  Although money is not everything...