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  1. what-d'you-call-it

    • KK[ˋhwɑtdjukɔlɪt]
    • DJ[ˋwɔtdju:kɔ:lit]
    • n.
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    • English Riddles(英文高手來唷^^)

      1.What do you call the life story of the week? 2... hotdog! 熱狗沒尾巴 3.What is more useful when it is broken? ...heat比較快)6.What month do soldiers hate?軍人最討厭...

    • what do you call an item

      ...20130123220553.jpg 2013-01-25 12:28:32 補充: Q: what do you call an item that brings good luck? 問:你們都怎麼稱呼那種帶來幸運的物品? A: We call it a "good luck charm". 或 "lucky charm"...

    • 請問一句話的英文怎麼說。急

      ...物件: What do you call this stuff in English? What do you call it in English? (重點是用What) 如果是一件事物: How do you say it in English? How do...