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    • 英翻中兩題 None of the people who..

      1. None of the people who'd auditioned were really up to par. 這些參加試唱的人沒有一個真的...

    • 請問 give his life何義?

      ...最少也要 who gives 才對。 那首歌的歌詞是: I'm a man who'd give his life and the joys of this world. All for the love of...

    • 求Inna Modja的Emily這首歌英文歌詞翻譯

      ... needs someoneEmily需要好伴侶Who'd take good care珍愛她的好伴侶 Probably the...with a beautiful smile不是總有完美結局 They're so far she lives in trouble往事俱往 目前...