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  1. whoever

    • KK[hʊˋɛvɚ]
    • DJ[huˋevə]


    • pron.
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. He knew the files could be of help to whoever took over the job. 他知道不管誰接管這個工作,這些檔案都是有幫助的。
    • 2. 無論誰 Whoever else goes hungry, he won't. 不管別的什麼人挨餓,他不會。
    • 3. 到底是誰 Whoever said that? 到底誰講的這話?
    • 4. 【口】隨便哪個 Give these tickets to John, or Cathy, or whoever. 把這些票子給約翰,或凱西,或隨便誰。
    • whoever的受格
    • pron.
      …的人 he agreed to serve under whomever the party chose 他同意在該黨派選出來的人手下供職 the report should be submitted to whomever they entrust the inquiry to 報告應該提交給他們委託調查的人
    • whoever的賓格


    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[huːˈevə(r)]



    • pron.
      …的人 whoever says that is a liar 說那話的人是個騙子 ask whoever she gave the original to to let you have a copy 她把原件給了誰,你就向誰要複印件
    • 無論誰,任何人


  2. 知識+

    • whoever whomever 的差別

      1.限定與非限定用法可能與whoever,whomever,whichever, whatever較無關係 2.whoever,whomever有兩種用法...about you the most. Ex.Don't accept the present from whomever you don't know. =(b)no matter wh- ex.whoever...

    • whomeverwhoever的用法

      Whomever是前面那個子句的受詞。主詞是you。 如果是2的話,就會寫成前面子句的主詞了。但意思就有點變了。 Whoever respects you will be respected by you. 2010-04-05 08:42:20 補充...

    • 有關Whomever 英文文法?

      有關Whomever 英文文法? Whomever is the object(受格) of she went out with...up in a Lamborghini. 她到底是跟誰外出, 那人開藍寶堅尼接走她(Whomever: 到底是誰) Whomever she goes out with will pick her up in...