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    • 求英文高手,填英文單字

      ... foreign language skills were a big advantage in the jobinterview.我的外語能力對於我的工作面試占...環境是有必要的。 There are no clouds in the sky today ,so it is not likely to rain.今天...

    • 英文 If I could fly

      ...could fly, I could be in the sky, and fly up and down without wings. I would..., sleep on the soft clouds, and enjoy the fresh air as well...beautiful or not. It would be a wonderful and excited adventure...

    • 拜託英文達人幫我翻這篇文章....急需

      ... matter how hard of difficult it is, you always offer to help me without a second thought. Let me help you next time. The clouds in the sky are so adorable, if you could understand the feeling of appreciating...