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    • English work---About Biology

      ... capable of establishing a breeding population in the new location without further intervention by humans, and spreads widely throughout the new location...

    • 茂盛的用法 ,通常怎麼用

      ...以茂盛植被為特徵的。 Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation. 4. 沒有水植物就不會長得茂盛。 Plants will not flourish without water. 總之茂盛一般而言都是指植物,要用在果子上其實也是可行的喔...

    • Terra 這個英文名字的由來

      ...not eat. Without her production of fluids we would not drink. Without her tedious care for vegetation we would not be able to build houses, cure the sick, and even breathe. Without...