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    • 以下這句英文的文法疑問!

      I was curious if you'd started weighing college options...問題大詞典朗文出版,對形容詞的補語子句說明)。 2. you'd中的 'd是 would嗎? 這裡的 'd 是 had...

    • 6 months rental home

      hi~ you'd better to check rental agent's account and cellphone number to you through yahooknoledge .I am basicly free this afternoon.Do'nt worry,It's free charge ! ~...

    • U53、英文句中的 I'd 是 I would的縮寫嗎?

      10. "Do you want to go now ?" "No, I'd prefer to wait a few minutes...hurry up, or you will miss the train. = You'd better hurry up, or you will...