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    • The word 'Convince' IDK.

      You'll need to convince them of your enthusiasm for...你必須說服他們你對這份工作有熱枕。 You'll need to convince them with your enthusiasm for the job. 你必須用你對這份工作的熱枕來...

    • 英文歌~~請幫我翻譯成中文謝謝!!!!

      pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go 我祈禱 where we'll be safe 讓我們到一處平安所在I pray we'll find your light我祈禱我們能尋著你的光And hold it in our...

    • 請問這些縮寫怎麼唸~10點 感恩~

      (1)You'll---[jul] 玉哦ˇ (2)They'll---[ðel] 累哦ˇ (3)We'll---[wil] ㄨㄧ哦ˇ (4)It'll--- [ˋɪt!] 液ㄊㄡˇ (5)She'll---[ʃɪl] 細哦ˇ (6)He'll---[hil] ㄏㄧˋ哦ˇ