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    • you're all that's left me 文法?

      就像兩位大師講的,光看You're all that's left me too這句,文法上...省略或不成文法,但仍達溝通的目的。回到這句You're all that's left me too的歌詞,除了left...

    • 分手用的,麻煩英文好的朋友幫忙一下。

      You're right, I never seriously in love. You're the first... don't want to put ourselves out like crazy. Hope you're happy, I hope you find someone who really likes you....

    • 英文文法題

      You're guaranteed to wake up quickly. 這裡用副詞[quickly]直接形容動狀詞[to wake...不過, 有時候我們要表達一個動作發生時, 主詞所處的狀態, 可以用現在分詞. You're guaranteed to wake up smiling. (微笑地醒來) 這個狀態, 如果屬於...