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  1. let up

    • ph.
      讓...上來(去); 變小, 減弱, 變慢, 停止;放輕, 不工作
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    • 1. 讓...上來(去); 變小, 減弱, 變慢, 停止 The docotr's here; shall I let him up? 醫生來了, 我讓他上來好嗎? She had had a high fever for several days and it didn't seem to be letting up. 她發燒已有好幾天, 而且不像有退燒的樣子。
    • 2. 放輕, 不工作 He has been working for 8 hours without letting up. 他已連續工作了八個小時沒有休息。 He refused to let up on the boy until his school grades improved. 他在這個孩子學業有進步之前, 不肯放鬆對他的管教。


    讓...上來(去); 變小, 減弱, 變慢, 停止


    「讓...上來(去); 變小, 減弱, 變慢, 停止」的反義字

    • n.
      暫停 there will be no let-up in my efforts 我會不懈努力的
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    • vi.
      停下 the rain didn't let up all night 雨下了整整一夜
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