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    • 請問這裏的put more specificity arou

      put more specificity around 某事」 是指 「對某事做出更明確的定義」、「把某事說得更...的發言。 an effort to 是 「試圖」 的意思。 specificity 是明確度。 put more specificity 是 「給更多明確度」,就是 「定義得更明確」 的...

    • 英文句子的被動式

      ...39;s Dictionary上對於rein的英文解釋﹚:rein: a strap which is put around a small child's body or wrist and held at the other end by an adult so that...

    • 電影<舊愛還是最美>的最後一封英文信

      ... secrets More than enough for me to share I will put roses around your door Sit in the garden Growing potatoes by the...