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    • 這內容是說什麼 英翻中

      ... Eillis. Can we enlarge the font a tad so it is legible and possible space a tad 字體 - 看...一點 Green Oasis- Too bright, make a tad more yellow Green Oasis - 太亮了, 多點...

    • hover train

      ... yet stabalized by magnetic fields. This would be a tad more expensive to run, but would be far safer...

    • 五句英文的文法問題

      ...2. 算是一種句型講一個人的目標是什麼 eg My goal is to become a scientist 3. tad在這裡不是一個名詞而是副詞,它的意思是"有一點" 4. 光是名字就...