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  1. all of a dither

    • ph.
      【口】心慌意亂的, 茫然無措的
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    • 麻煩把打破水缸救朋友的故事翻譯成中文~急20點~

      ...but he doesn't know the inside of the water jar contain water, plop is a, big and clear he falls into...hear with other kids after, all very much frightened, some dithers, and take charge of the horse light...

    • 可用性軟體翻譯

      當Mpeg 4 V2比其他編解碼器時也許有更多質量損失,它補償此下側以它的意想不到壓縮。 當使用Mpeg 4 V2壓縮樹圖像的10秒錄影時,文件大小是37% TSCC被壓縮的錄影的大小,并且45%微軟錄影1的大小壓縮了錄影。 Mpeg 4 V2是理想的...