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    • 幫忙英文造句 拜託>

      ...along the line of He is walking along the line of the road. 10.entertainment She played entertainment of our friends 11.focus on A student should focus on studying. He...

    • translate the chem experiment

      1. 在抽風櫃中將溶劑(或移動相)到入100毫升的展開瓶中,溶劑深度約5毫米。用封口膜封住瓶口。 2. 在TLC片上描繪出一條離末端1公分的細線,並且將你的萃出液:水揚酸溶液點在細線上面。 3. 當點在細線上的溶劑揮發乾後,小心地將TLC片放置至於展開瓶中。 4. 讓溶劑在抽...

    • 物理力學 英文題目

      ... the mass of the object. Also, if the force F exerted on the object is parallel to the direction of displacement d, then W = Fd We can combine the two equation to find...