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    • straighten和arrange的不同

      ...使)變直,變正 to make your body straight and upright 挺直,端正(身體) arrange to plan or organize something in advance 安排;籌備 to put something in a particular order; to make something neat or attractive...

    • 英文翻譯商業書信

      ...immediately and notify which part is urgent need, then we will inform our factory to arrange produce schedule in advance . 3. 貴司當初提供資料時並未提供顏色樣品, 所以我只能依照光碟顏色做樣品...

    • 商英回信-催尾款及要資料-很急-謝謝

      ...kindly provide the information of your associated forwarder so that we can arrange the shipment in advance. By the way, please kindly provide the receipt of the remittance from your...