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  1. run away from

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    • 1. 跑著從...離開
    • 2. 從...流掉
    • 3. 逃離 run away from school 逃學
    • 4. 避免正視, 迴避(不愉快的事) run away from a difficult situation 盡力擺脫困境 Her suicide bid was an attempt to run away from reality. 她想自殺就是要逃避現實。
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      輕取 He walked away from all his competitors. 他輕而易舉的擊敗了所有的競爭者。
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      離開, 逃離 I won't be able to get away from the office before 7. 我七時以前離不開(辦公室)。 Two of the prisoners got away from their captors. 有兩個犯人逃走了。
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      對...感到厭惡 He had no intention of going back to the life from which he turned away through struggles. 他不想再過以前那種生活中去了, 他經過奮鬥好不容易才拋棄了那種生活。 The boy was ill and turned away from his food. 那孩子病了, 不想吃東西。
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      因害怕或厭惡而後退 The child backed away from the big dog. 那個孩子看見大狗就向後退了。
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      (使某人或某事物)不靠近某人或某事物 Police warned bystanders to keep away from the blazing building. 警察告誡圍觀者, 不要靠近燃燒著的建築物。 Her illness kept her away from work for several weeks. 她因病數週未上班。
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      突然改變路線(或轉換話題); 避開 She tends to sheer away from any discussion of her divorce. 一談到她離婚的事她就盡量轉換話題。
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      中義: (由於羞怯或恐懼)躲開, 避開; 迴避; 退縮 I've always shied away from close friendships. 我總是避免與人交往過密。
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      (與某人/某事物)保持距離; 不打擾 Tell him to stay away from my sister! 叫他離我妹妹遠點兒!
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