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    be dressed in

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      穿某物 The bride was dressed in white. 新娘穿一身白色的禮服。
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    • (英文) dressed 以及 a 之問題

      原文:『 She was dressed in gray. 』 問題: dressed 的詞性跟意思 surprised at, be satisfied with, be interested in......等. 原文:『 I prefer to use a knife and...

    • The nurse is dressed in white

      ...跟wear相近,句形是:某人 + be動詞 + dressed in + 服飾例句:She is dressed in her Sunday best. (她穿上週末的盛裝出席)如果強調的是...

    • in和on滴用法和差別~~

      He is dressed in black. 他穿黑衣服。 The two...left. 她站在我左邊。 He is on the school volleyball team. 他是校...p.s 坐椅子可用in(椅子旁有附兩個手把可以靠ㄉ...