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    • A force?

      ...age gaps. 他們之間有一種超越年齡的友誼。 A magnet has a force that can be felt in the area around it. 磁鐵有一種可以在它四周感覺得到的力。 如果硬是 two ...

    • (急)!!翻譯壽險相關英文

      ...out, a different set of rules applies. Before the life insurance is in force, the policymust be issued and delivered to the applicant, the first...

    • 這個英文是什麼意思呢??? (英文達人請進)

      要看用在那理, 有生效, 全力, 大量等義思. The new traffic rule will be in force with public objection (新的交通法規將在社會的抗議聲中生效) The demonstration is in forece with over 100,000 people (超過10萬人傾力參與遊行)