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    • whose tradition it was to pass

      ... to participate in a toast to the couple. Their (the couple's) tradition was to pass around the wine glass from which...... 第二句說「他們(這對佳偶)的傳統是把(新郎新年...

    • 英文釋義"pour and pass around"

      ...如何上茶伺候能是一種藝術。 --> How tea is poured and passed around can be an art. 如何斟茶,傳送給在座的人能是一種藝術。 (O) How a garden...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯成英文~拜託很急~現在就要

      I used to not to take the flyer while I saw there were people passing it around. I didn’t take it was because I knew exactly it was...